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Job-Paranoia: Rections to Names of Interview-Partners - Tag 445

I forgive myself that I have accepted and allowed myself to react within a energy of hope/anticipation and excitement to reading the names of the Partners for Job-interview, wherein I forgive myself that I have accepted and allowed myself to think and believe that “they are the most important” and “they can/will help me” and thus I must focus on them and that it in this I must generate this positive feeling experiences to make a Positive impression to be liked – instead of realizing that this excitement/hope/anticipation is in fact fear – so in this I forgive myself that I have accepted and allowed myself to connect job-interviews and the Partner for communication with fear in the believe that this is supportive/will get me the job instead of realizing that I do not have to generate fear and mask it as something positive to get the job as this is self-diminishment/self-suppression but can instead simply be here and express myself in a friendly, way and give/be the best I am able to, without generating energies – in Fact the energies are a distraction and dimishment also of the interviewer that I then in this moment see as less then they really are as life as a human being but reduce them to a function and in fact in this energy/experience its only “about me Me Me” and not about the Company or the interviewer and not considering the whole moment in equality and oneness, where I see that I don’t need any fears/anxiety as the point is very clear that: I bring myself here give/do my Best within who I really am/being myself and then its a decision that follows practical reasoning as Integrity on if this is best for me to be there and if I am the best/most suitable candidate, where there are more others in the similar position and more multidimensional factors involved that I have no control/directive principle over and so any fears/anxieties is self-decpetion.

I forgive myself that I have accepted and allowed myself to think and believe that I am doing this, generating energies of fear/anxiety/anticipation as a form of valuing the Interviewer, that I doing it “for the interviewer” - instead of realizing that in this I am tacitly imposing blame onto the interviewer, blaming them for the fears/anxieties and Uncertainties I create/generate within myself – which is not a very cool approach and not a position I want to be in where basically a being that I am talking to is on a level blaming me for making them/causing them to fear/be anxious – and thus I commit myself to stop this fears/anxieties/nervousness towards interviewers , whenever it comes up, and instead align myself with self-trust and the natural confidence emerging form seeing, realizing and understanding that the interviewer is one and equal as life here and thus nothing to fear.

I forgive myself that I have accepted and allowed myself to think and believe that those fears/anxieties and anticipation/excitement is a form of valuing the interviewer – instead of realizing that in fact its a de-valuation as I see/judge/think them/myself as less then actual self-worth that is equal for and as all. Wherein I then operate from Self-interest/Fear instead of Self being here and Self-Expression.

I forgive myself that I have not allowed myself to see that if I am holding the Names of another Being with an Energy of Fear (over-shaded with excitement/anticipation) within my mind – I give attention to the energetic Creation of the Name with the Positive Energy within my Mind and do not in fact give attention/be here with the real person/s in physical reality – thus what in fact gets Charged and fuelled and gets all the Attention is My Mind = Me and so in fact I am creating/presenting myself as “egozentric” and this is one of the Points/relationships causing me to be overtly “Self-Conscious”, where I am holding an relationship of (Value)Judgement/Comparison in ones mind.

I realize that in this behaviour I don’t in fact consider, see, value the other being nor myself, because I am not in fact here, but trying to create relationships through mind-Energy.

I see, realize and understand that in this form of communication I/the other do not exist but only a system of values/judgements that I created within my mind and thus is self-dishonest self-diminishment as/through Ego.

I see, realize and understand that Anticipation/Excitement is in fact fear – thus every time I see myself shifting into it/thoughts connected to Anticipation/Excitement – I stop myself, bring myself back here and walk one step at a time breath by breath.

When and as I see myself reacting to names of interview-partners in Anticipation/Excitement (rooted in fear) and think that “its most important to have/memorize their names” which is connected to an emerging imagination of how I greet them, shake their hands and smile – I stop and breath – I stop the thoughts, let go of/release the energies/fear and do not participate in the Imagination – I see, realize that this is a pattern, based and programmed in fear and thus is not acceptable – wherein I see that the actual problem it is “who I am” within it, not the structure of “saying Hello and greating the person in a friendly way as a selfexpression” - Thus I align my starting-Point from fear to walking here, breath by breath in/as equal participation.

I commit myself to no longer judge/diminish others/myself according to their position in connecting them/their names with energies/giving energetic values as I see that in essence this is energetic (Self)Manipulation – when I see myself doing this – I stop and breathe, releasing the energies and disconnecting all relationships that is of consciousness. In this I enable myself to see, realize and understand what is/would physically/practically best for all and thus I direct myself accordingly to realign myself/the moment to what is best for all/equality and oneness.

I commit myself to when and as I see myself going into Self-Conscious-Mode – to stop, take a breath – and in that Breath assess where/which relationship/judgement I am holding in my mind that is causing me to give it my attention and so give my Mind/Ego attention, separating myself from what is here, physically – I direct myself to in that moment release/let go the judgement, decide “who I am” and commit myself to “not allowing myself as anything less thanwho I really am as breath, here in/as the physical” and so directly bringing myself back here in alignment with all as me that is physically here – I stop back-chat, just as the table or my shoes do not back-chat but be here unconditionally, reachable, open to what is here in/as the moment.

I see and make myself aware of that this Point with the “Superior” as Interviewer in this case is based on the Principle/Mechanism of the “Point to watch for” and essentially representing “the System/Money-system” where the Moneysystem would be “God” and “the superior” Jesus and while on the forefront dealing with/giving my energy to “jesus” as “the Superior” in fact I am working/dealing with/for “God” as “the Moneysystem” and thus in fearing that point or making that Point as that Person more/superior in my mind = I am actually allowing myself to inferiorize/victimize myself to the System/Money and thus to survival, which is unacceptable and unnecessary as well.

Thus – I can directly make myself aware of and face that I am in fact working/dealing with the Money-System/Worldsystem/Energy and align myself/my participation to working/participating WITH the Moneysystem/Worldsystem/Money – without using/abusing this additional relationship of/to “superior”/”Jesus” as a form of Self-deception/Separation/Abdicating Self-responsiblity im-Posing BLAME. Cool – its much simpler that Way...

I commit myself to when and as i see myself fearing "the System" to rather breathe and stand one with and equal to what is here in that Moment/as life on earth.

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