Montag, 26. August 2013

Sorting out a Memory 2 - Tag 428

I see, realize and understand i self-create/d this fear, stress, anxiety of not being allowed to be a part of desteni and process in selfinterest and that it is really stupid to create/generate such personal fears within oneself as all that requires is a clear decision and then walking the decision until its done.

I commit myself to stop all blame or abdication of responsibility for the energetic reactions and experiances i generate within myself.

I commit myself to close the backdoor of fear of apparently not being good enough to walk process fully and become a support/leader/guide for myself and others as myself.

I commit myself to stop myself from going into this fear what i actually create completly deliberatly as an energetic motivation/drive whenever i see that i create/generate it within myself and instead

go the direct route of re-aligning my starting-point of who i am = „good enough“ and

I commit myself to investigate where i am holding on to selfinterest and what the particular selfinterst is so that i am able to stop self-sabotage and then i direct myself to actually stop this selfsabotage.

I commit myself to call myself out whenever i see that i participate in backchat and/judgement towards other people and their work, stop it and bring it back to myself and correct what is to be corrected.

I commit myself to breathe

I commit myself to stop being a mind-follower, when ever i see that i want to or do follow my backchat/thoughts/emotions/feelings/imaginations/reactions without investigation – i breathe – i direct myself to write out my reactions and forgive what is not best for all.

I commit myself to realize that the only way one would exlude oneself from life/process is by choosing selfintest/separation instead of walking ones process out of the mind.into the physical/life.

I commit myself to stop myself whenever i see myself claiming that „i fear“ in a attempt to see what happens, which is actually deliberate spitefullness as i know and have seen many times what happens = fear/ego/illusion/separation.

I commit myself to realize that life is nothing to play around with and thus i commit myself to stop myself from „playing with fire“ as fear – i breathe and investigate what is the cause for considering such stupidity and stop it within me as me.

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