Dienstag, 25. September 2012

Tag 158: Abdicating Responsibility - Self-Commitments

I commit myself to find and eradicate every pattern such as blame in which I abdicate responablity for myself - I take back my responsabilty and live behaviour that is based in practical common sense in alignment with what is best for all

I commit myself to whenever the thoughts of “I will not make it – I am not able to do it on my own” come up and exist in my mind delete them as the justifications/excuses they are to not face me as my creation as the mind – I stop justifying giving up in considering breath as life

I stop allowing myself to abusing myself as life in using others as psycological crutches to divert responability to – I stop and delete the believe that this is in any way possible – I realize the idea that I could divert the responsibility for myself as life is always Self-Deception

When and as the thought of “I will not make it” comes up in my mind – I stop and breathe – I realize that in accepting this though within me I am giving up before I have even begun and going into an whining mode where I make myself believe that there “is something to achieve that i can not have/be/fullfill” which is not what life is about and not what I will accept and allow within myself – I breath here, walking myself out of the mind one step at a time, one breath at in every moment of every breath

When and as facing my mind – I remind myself that the phyiscal world that is really here do know nothing of “the things I am going through” – which is the common sense prove the “the things I am going through in my Mind are Illusions

I commit myself to realize and make myself aware of that “the things I go through” as Experience are in fact my creation and in this based in self-sabotage and self-manipulation to try and justify why I can not change, why I do not change – I assist and support myself in not allowing myself to take bullshit from my mind and simply accept experiances/emotions/feelings as valid just because they come up in my mind

When and as I see the thought of “I am not able to make it on my own” comes up in my mind – I stop and breathe – I realize and see that in this thought I am completely manipulating myself to justify giving up on myself and giving into self-interest – i realize that in that actually this is a fear-sentence that reveales my self-interst to OWN something which is the Greed which i allow in accepting giving up on myself and allowing the thought as me – thus I take a breath, delete the thought and walk moment for moment, breath by breath

I see/realize/understand that I have created the “things that I go through” by in the first place accepting the thought/believe/definition of “I am not able to make it on my own” as me, wherein I have given the mind as relationships power over and directive principle of me for consciousness to create itself

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